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Web Site Build: (one time fees)
6 pages or less and one domain name - $59.99
8 pages or less and one domain name - $79.99
10 pages or less and one domian name - $99.99
Note: each additional page after 10 will be $10.00
Hosting Fees: (monthly fees)
50MB or less - $18.99 a month @3 ($56.97)
75MB or less - $21.99 a month @3 ($65.97)
100MB or less - $24.99 a month @3 ($74.97)
Traffic Facts - $3.49 a month @3 (10.47)
Note: each additional 25MB used will add $3.00 a month.
Hosting Details:
Hosting fees are paid in 3 month billing cycles in advance. These hosting fees include 1/2 hour of updates and additions to the site per month. Each additional 1/2 hour of updates or additions will be billed an extra $15.00 for that month.
Page limits for above fees as follows: 300 words and 6 graphics/ e-commerce
3wWebdesign reserves the right to adjust all plans and packages at any time. We also retain all rights to all web site design and materials. Delinquent accounts will be taken offline till the account is in good standing. All Web Site Design prices are only honored when hosted with 3wwebdesign.net.
Web Site: (yearly fees)
Business Domain Registration - $10.00
Yearly Domain Registration - $18.00
Traffic Blazer - $29.99
Traffic Blazer is a service designed to generate traffic to your Web site by helping you prepare,optimize, and submit your Web page to key Internet search engines and directories.

According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of Web users reach their destination through
 Internet search engines and directories, while research from Jupiter Media Metrix shows that 70%
of all online purchases originate from a search-engine search. This means that despite more than 400 million Web searches every day only select few Internet users visit Web sites that are not listed with leading search engines and directories.

Given the influence and reach of search engines and directories, search engine optimization and
search engine submission are key ingredients in successful online marketing.
Starter Packages:
6 page design/Domain name & 3 months
                                                         hosting - $90.00
6 page design/Domian name/Traffic Blazer & 3 months
                                                         hosting - $119.00
Main Page - 2X2" - $5 a month
Other pages - 2X2" - $3 a month
Minimum ad length is 3 months.
Design & Forget it package-
10MB or less - $12.99 a month
1/2 hr update per 6 months and hosting billed only in full year term. Can not be combined with starter packages.