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Goal: First team to score 21 wins!

Setup: Assemble your boxes by inserting the wood pegs into the slots from smallest to largest. Place boxes 10, 12, or 15 feet apart facing each other.

Points: You score points by tossing your rings at the opposite box and ringing the pegs. You score points by adding up the rings that land on the pegs.

Playing (2 players, 3 rings): A coin toss can determine which player will go first. Player A stands beside the box at the front and tosses their rings at the opposite box. After the three rings were tossed, add up points that ring the pegs.

Player B standing at opposite box will toss their three rings, and add up their points that ring the pegs. Play until someone scores 21 points to win. If you have less than 21 points and ring a peg that puts you over 21 you have busted and you stay at your previous point total. For example, you have 20 points and you ring a 2 point peg. You have 22 points, so you have busted and you stay at 20 points until your next turn.

If Player A gets 21 first, Player B still has a chance to score 21. In case of a tie, go to sudden death with one ring. Player A tosses one ring, then Player B tosses one ring. Whoever scores the highest point wins the game. You keep playing until one player scores more than the other player.

Teams: (4 players, 6 rings) Game is played just like 2 players, except you have four players and six rings. Two players per team, one team member at each box. Team A throws three rings, and then Team B throws three rings. The players at opposite boxes throw rings with Team A going first each time.
Scoring is the same as two players.

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Ringer Rules Diagram
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Board Features
Ringer is a combination of horseshoes and cornhole. It has 2 boards placed opposite one another at a set distance apart. The boards have 4 posts protruding up at various heights. Players take turns pitching their rings at the boards until a player reaches the score of 21. Players score by ringing the posts that have various point values.
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